Mystery Rewards Freebie

Monday, February 15, 2021

Hi friends,

I came across these cool invisible ink pens and a million ideas immediately ran through my head about how to use these in the classroom. I ended up creating these mystery rewards slips which I thought I'd share with you all for FREE. 

I love them because they are so simple! You can personalize them with any rewards that you like. 

Here are some examples of rewards that you can use:

- 5 minutes free time

- Have show and tell

- Teach a lesson

- Pick your own seat

- Shoes off

- Get a sticker

- Free iPad time

- Be the teacher helper for a day

- Read a book to the class

- Choose a reward from the reward box

- Write with pen all day

- Be the line leader for a day

- Sit at the teacher's desk

- Special note home

- Listen to music while working

You might even like to use them as whole class rewards.

I'll add some links here too (aff link) showing where you can buy the invisible ink pens. I'll add a few different links so you have choice around quantity. You can even search Amazon or eBay and plenty will come up too.



28 Pack Invisible Ink Pens

12 Pack Invisible Ink Pens

4 Pack Invisible Ink Pens


8 Pack Invisible Ink Pens

12 Pack Invisible Ink Pens

To download the FREE mystery reward slips, you can use the links below.

If you already have the password to my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY, you can head on over and grab it now. Just use this link or click FREEBIES on the top menu.

If you'd like this resource for FREE, click here to get access to my library. It's completely free and is filled with more awesome resources like this one.

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