Phonics Directed Drawings

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Hi friends,

I’m so excited to release this huge set of phonics-based directed drawings. The bundle includes 108 different drawings in total which will have your students drawing and drawing and drawing!

If you’ve wanted to try directed drawings in your classroom, this is the perfect bundle. As it is phonics-based, the activities are purposeful and will help your students practice their sounds, learn how to draw, learn how to follow directions whilst also giving them the opportunity to write.

There are drawings included for:

  •          The Alphabet
  •          CVC Words
  •         Digraphs
  •          Long Vowels
  •          R-Controlled Vowels
  •          Diphthongs

Every drawing comes in 6 different templates so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Here they are:

The sheets are perfect for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.

What's Included?

Here is a list of all the drawings included:


A- apple

B- bear

C- cupcake

D- dinosaur

E- elephant

F- flower

G- guitar

H- house

I- igloo

J- jellyfish

K- koala

L- lion

M- monster

N- nest

O- octopus

P- penguin

Q- queen

R- rainbow

S- sock

T- turtle

U- umbrella

V- volcano

W- watermelon

X- x-ray

Y- yo-yo

Z- zebra



AN- fan

AT- cat

AG- bag

AP- map

AD- mad

AM- jam

ED- bed

EG- peg

EN- hen

ET- jet

IT- kit

ID- kid

IG- pig

IP- lip

IN- tin

OT- pot

OB- cob

OG- dog

OP- mop

UT- hut

UB- sub

UG- bug

UM- gum

UN- sun




SH- ship

SH- fish

CH- chest

CH- lunch

TH- thorn

TH- bath

TH- feather

CK- duck

WH- whale

QU- quilt

WR- wrench

KN- knob

PH- phone

NG- king

MB- lamb

NK- tank

TCH- hatch

DGE- fridge

SS- dress

LL- well

FF- cliff

ZZ- puzzle



A_E- cake

AI- snail

AY- hay

EE- bee

EA- tea

Y- baby

I_E- kite

IGH- light

IE- pie

Y- fly

O_E- robe

OA- boat

OW- bow

U_E- cube

EW- brew

OO- moon

UE- glue



AU- launch

AW- saw

AL- ball

OI- coin

OY- boy

OO- pool

EW- stew

OO- book

OU- mouse

OW- owl



AIR- chair

ARE- rare

ER- fern

IR- bird

UR- purse

OR- horn

ORE- store

OAR- boar

You can buy the bundle here:

Phonics Directed Drawing Bundle

Or the individual packets can be purchased separately here:

Alphabet Directed Drawings

CVC Words Directed Drawings

Digraphs Directed Drawings

Long Vowels Directed Drawings

Diphthongs Directed Drawings

R-Controlled Vowels Directed Drawings

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