Second Grade Data and Graphing Worksheets

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Hello lovely friends!


I hope you have all been loving my second grade math packets because I have a new one for you that’s all about data and graphing.


Data and graphing in second grade has students become familiar with representing and interpreting data with tally marks, bar graphs, picture graphs and line plots.


I have always loved teaching data and graphing because it's a concept that can easily be taught in a hands-on way. Understanding what data is and how to organize it is really important and graphing allows students to organize that data while practicing their sorting and observation skills!


The Activities


There are over 40 activities included in this packet with many of them being interactive. Plus, I have included some differentiation options too, so if you have students working at a lower or higher level, there's a bunch of activities for them too.

Here is a list of EVERYTHING this packet includes:


Tally Marks (to 30)

Counting Tally Marks (to 50)

Data Categories

Categorize and Graph

Pencil Tally Chart

Ice Cream Shop

Car Tally and Graph

Zoo Animal Bar Graph

Weather Bar Graph

Spelling Test Bar Graph

Coffee Shop True or False

Label a Graph

Garden Animal Graph

Town Graph

Clothes Shop

Roll a Dice Data Collection

Restaurant Bar Graph

Our Pets Data Collection

Favorite Food Collect and Graph

Ben's Toy Chest Picture Graph

Popcorn Sold Picture Graph

Fishing Time Picture Graph

T-Shirts True or False

Betty's Bakery Graph

Favorite Season Data Collection

Fruit Line Plot

Ribbon Length Line Plot

School Trip True or False

Tree Height Line Plot

Cubes Line Plot

Bugs Line Plot

Pencil Length Data Collection

Favorite Seas Animal Data Collection

Data Collection Project


Data and Graphing Experiences

There are a number of different data and graphing experiences that students should be given as well as concepts they should learn to help them gain a holistic understanding. 


1.   1. Tally Marks



Decodable Readers

After many months of careful preparation, this set of decodable readers is finally here and ready for you all!

This huge bundle includes books for short vowels, digraphs, long vowels, blends, diphthongs and r-controlled vowels. They are designed to help your students learn how to decode and blend words whilst building reading fluency. Every reader is based upon a different letter-sound combination which will make these readers fit seamlessly into your reading and phonics programs. If you'd like to check it out, here is the link:

Phonics Decodable Readers - BUNDLE

Now, are you ready to hear the very best thing about these readers! EVERY READER COMES IN 2 LEVELS!!!!! That means that differentiation is going to be super easy for you. Let me show you how I’ve leveled the readers:

Level One Readers

  • Fewer words
  • More patterned text
  • Smaller range of sight words
  • Smaller range of sound knowledge required


Level Two Readers

  • More words
  • Less patterned text
  • Larger range of sight words
  • Larger range of sound knowledge required