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Saturday, July 17, 2021


Hey friends! I have been working hard on some fun new activities, and I am so excited to share them with you. As many of you know, I am a huge supporter and fan of using phonics-based resources with young learners.

I have just released a huge set of phonics packets that will help your students learn a variety of phonics sounds.

Quality phonics instruction is important because it teaches our students valuable decoding skills. It also helps early learners hear, identify and use different sounds that help to distinguish one word from another. Phonics is truly at the heart of how our students begin and learn to read. It is remarkable to see students light up when they start to apply the phonics instruction and master sounding out and recognizing words. Those teacher moments make it all worth it!!!

I genuinely believe phonics is hands-down the best and most effective way to teach kids how to read new words. But, this also means that phonics instruction should be explicit and systematic, which means practice and repetition are crucial. It is one of the main reasons why I created this bundle. It is so important to have a good solid set of go-to phonics worksheets. Plus, I know how busy teaching life is, so it makes it a bit easier for you! You can easily incorporate this bundle into the phonics and teaching programs that you already have in place. As I said, phonics can work its magic when the instruction is implemented on a regular basis which means every day. This bundle will provide your little learners the opportunity to read, blend, identify and spell words with various phonics sounds and patterns.


Each worksheet packet includes sheets for:

Short Vowels

- Long Vowels

- Digraphs

- Trigraphs

- Double Consonants

- R-Controlled Vowels

- Diphthongs 


 The Activities

Teaching comes with hours and hours of prepping, planning, and grading. And then add in supplemental learning and activities for morning work, early finishers, and the list goes on (and on)! This bundle is perfect for helping you supplement and reinforce those recently taught phonics skills. These worksheets are great for those little learners who benefit from having hands-on instruction. With coloring, cutting, and pasting, they will have fun while learning. It's essential that our students are engaged and learning from the activities we provide them with throughout the day.


Phonics Match a Word

This activity is an excellent activity for various levels. To complete it, students read the words and find the corresponding picture to cut and paste into the correct box. This activity can be differentiated for your students as some may or may not need to use the pictures for assistance. You can have your higher-level students read the words and then paste the pictures, or you can have the child use the pictures as a context clue. The pictures can be used to introduce students to how to use context clues to help determine unfamiliar words. You can use this activity during morning work or for an early finishing activity. It's hands-on and allows your students to do more than recognize the words!

Phonics Read and Find

I'm so excited to share this next activity with you all! It's a fun and unique twist on phonics. This activity is for sure to be a hit with your students. In this activity, they will use the word bank at the bottom to search for the corresponding picture, and then once they find the picture, they can color it. These word search printables are the perfect addition to your literacy centers, morning work, or even to send home as a fun homework assignment. This activity can be laminated and pulled out during morning work for a quick and easy exercise.


Phonics Sentences

Are you ready to give your students a challenge? These phonics sentence worksheets will truly put their reading skills to work. This activity requires students to read the decodable sentences and match them with the correct picture. This activity is perfect for phonics and sight word practice, plus students love to cut and paste the pictures for a hands-on approach. This activity is great because it is simple and can be completed independently. To add as an extension, you can have the students practice reading the sentences out loud multiple times for a fluency activity.


Secret Words

This secret sentence activity is a sure way to engage your students while practicing their beginning sounds. To complete the activity, they write the beginning sound of each picture to reveal the secret word. They will love cracking all the different words and will be super excited when they are all finished. These worksheets are great to use in literacy centers, whole-class activities, homework, review, or as a fast finisher activity.

Build It

For this next activity, students will look at each picture and use the letter bank to build the specified word. This activity helps students practice phonological awareness and increase beginning reading skills. It will truly put all their skills to the test to complete this activity. This activity reinforces the letter-sound relationship and allows children to link the unfamiliar words to their spoken knowledge. Visuals are a great way to help them understand the importance of context clues and aid them if they are struggling or need a bit of assistance.

Phonics Find a Word

This activity is such a fun way to practice phonics sounds! To be honest, sometimes word finds can be difficult for younger grade levels, but they LOVE doing them. I wanted to create something that was easily differentiated but also not so difficult for the younger students. You can make this activity extra exciting by pulling out some fun new pens or markers for students to use during this activity. Sometimes the best way to teach is in a way where students don't even realize they are learning! Pull this one out as a review or a way to help your struggling readers.


 You can grab the bundle here:

This bundle is usable for various grade levels as it covers various phonics, reading and comprehension skills. These activities are great for adding that hands-on approach to your phonics curriculum and is so easy to differentiate for your students. I am a huge believer in the phonics approach to reading, especially with a systematic and explicit strategy. Through our instruction, our students can quickly become confident and strong readers and writers. You will notice they will be better able to recognize unfamiliar words and their reading skills will improve! Who said no-prep activities weren't hands-on? Let me know how these activities worked in your classroom in the comments below.


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