Second Grade Data and Graphing Worksheets

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Hello lovely friends!


I hope you have all been loving my second grade math packets because I have a new one for you that’s all about data and graphing.


Data and graphing in second grade has students become familiar with representing and interpreting data with tally marks, bar graphs, picture graphs and line plots.


I have always loved teaching data and graphing because it's a concept that can easily be taught in a hands-on way. Understanding what data is and how to organize it is really important and graphing allows students to organize that data while practicing their sorting and observation skills!


The Activities


There are over 40 activities included in this packet with many of them being interactive. Plus, I have included some differentiation options too, so if you have students working at a lower or higher level, there's a bunch of activities for them too.

Here is a list of EVERYTHING this packet includes:


Tally Marks (to 30)

Counting Tally Marks (to 50)

Data Categories

Categorize and Graph

Pencil Tally Chart

Ice Cream Shop

Car Tally and Graph

Zoo Animal Bar Graph

Weather Bar Graph

Spelling Test Bar Graph

Coffee Shop True or False

Label a Graph

Garden Animal Graph

Town Graph

Clothes Shop

Roll a Dice Data Collection

Restaurant Bar Graph

Our Pets Data Collection

Favorite Food Collect and Graph

Ben's Toy Chest Picture Graph

Popcorn Sold Picture Graph

Fishing Time Picture Graph

T-Shirts True or False

Betty's Bakery Graph

Favorite Season Data Collection

Fruit Line Plot

Ribbon Length Line Plot

School Trip True or False

Tree Height Line Plot

Cubes Line Plot

Bugs Line Plot

Pencil Length Data Collection

Favorite Seas Animal Data Collection

Data Collection Project


Data and Graphing Experiences

There are a number of different data and graphing experiences that students should be given as well as concepts they should learn to help them gain a holistic understanding. 


1.   1. Tally Marks



Decodable Readers

After many months of careful preparation, this set of decodable readers is finally here and ready for you all!

This huge bundle includes books for short vowels, digraphs, long vowels, blends, diphthongs and r-controlled vowels. They are designed to help your students learn how to decode and blend words whilst building reading fluency. Every reader is based upon a different letter-sound combination which will make these readers fit seamlessly into your reading and phonics programs. If you'd like to check it out, here is the link:

Phonics Decodable Readers - BUNDLE

Now, are you ready to hear the very best thing about these readers! EVERY READER COMES IN 2 LEVELS!!!!! That means that differentiation is going to be super easy for you. Let me show you how I’ve leveled the readers:

Level One Readers

  • Fewer words
  • More patterned text
  • Smaller range of sight words
  • Smaller range of sound knowledge required


Level Two Readers

  • More words
  • Less patterned text
  • Larger range of sight words
  • Larger range of sound knowledge required



Helpful Ways to Use Vocabulary Charts

Thursday, September 2, 2021



Hello, lovelies! I am super excited to share this new set of vocabulary charts with you all. Using vocabulary charts within your classroom has so many great benefits, and they can be used in so many different ways! 

Picture-based vocabulary charts and word walls provide visual support for students which is essential when reading skills are still being developed. If they are struggling with spelling or if they need a new word, they can head over to the vocabulary wall for assistance. Also, by immersing our little learners in new vocabulary, we are strengthening their ability to expand both their writing and speaking skills. 

I'm excited to share a whole bunch of different methods about how you can integrate these charts into your classroom.

Ways to Use Vocabulary Charts

These vocabulary charts come in both a full page and half page size option so that you can use them in multiple ways. There are over 75 different themed charts included which makes it perfect for picking and choosing to fit your needs! Below, I have shared a few helpful ways to use vocabulary charts in your classrooms. 


A Word or Writing Wall 

You can use these vocabulary charts to create a word wall, writing wall or other themed wall. Having a visual word wall provides a reference point for students. When they need a new word or are stuck on spelling a word, they can head over to the word wall and note it down. I used to keep a bunch of mini whiteboards near the word wall, so that students could simply write down the word they needed and head back to their desks.

Also, when putting up vocabulary charts on your bulletin board, a handy tip is to use velcro so that you can easily change out the different cards as needed!

You might even like to use the charts to play games like charades. The possibilities are endless!



Phonics Worksheet Bundle

Saturday, July 17, 2021


Hey friends! I have been working hard on some fun new activities, and I am so excited to share them with you. As many of you know, I am a huge supporter and fan of using phonics-based resources with young learners.

I have just released a huge set of phonics packets that will help your students learn a variety of phonics sounds.

Quality phonics instruction is important because it teaches our students valuable decoding skills. It also helps early learners hear, identify and use different sounds that help to distinguish one word from another. Phonics is truly at the heart of how our students begin and learn to read. It is remarkable to see students light up when they start to apply the phonics instruction and master sounding out and recognizing words. Those teacher moments make it all worth it!!!

I genuinely believe phonics is hands-down the best and most effective way to teach kids how to read new words. But, this also means that phonics instruction should be explicit and systematic, which means practice and repetition are crucial. It is one of the main reasons why I created this bundle. It is so important to have a good solid set of go-to phonics worksheets. Plus, I know how busy teaching life is, so it makes it a bit easier for you! You can easily incorporate this bundle into the phonics and teaching programs that you already have in place. As I said, phonics can work its magic when the instruction is implemented on a regular basis which means every day. This bundle will provide your little learners the opportunity to read, blend, identify and spell words with various phonics sounds and patterns.


Each worksheet packet includes sheets for:

Short Vowels

- Long Vowels

- Digraphs

- Trigraphs

- Double Consonants

- R-Controlled Vowels

- Diphthongs 



Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Hey lovely people,

I've recently created a set of phonics-based reading passages, and I'm excited to share them here with you. I am a huge fan of using phonics-based resources to help teach reading as recent research has confirmed that phonological awareness is one of the key components to teaching children how to read.

These passages are a great tool to use because they are decodable in nature and are organized by phonics sounds and patterns. This means that you can easily integrate them into your teaching programs and provide differentiated activities for your students. 

Another great feature of these passages is that they help to develop fluency. Fluency is developed as students are required to reread the passages 3 times before answering the questions.

Also, there are SO many ways you can extend these passages. Here are some examples:

- Have students highlight the evidence in the text that they used to answer the questions.

- Have students highlight, circle or list all the words that match the phonics sound or pattern. E.g. in the passage shown on the left, students would circle all the -at words.

- Have students use the phonics-based words they highlighted to form their own sentence.


Mystery Rewards Freebie

Monday, February 15, 2021

Hi friends,

I came across these cool invisible ink pens and a million ideas immediately ran through my head about how to use these in the classroom. I ended up creating these mystery rewards slips which I thought I'd share with you all for FREE. 

I love them because they are so simple! You can personalize them with any rewards that you like. 

Here are some examples of rewards that you can use:

- 5 minutes free time

- Have show and tell

- Teach a lesson

- Pick your own seat

- Shoes off

- Get a sticker

- Free iPad time

- Be the teacher helper for a day

- Read a book to the class

- Choose a reward from the reward box

- Write with pen all day

- Be the line leader for a day

- Sit at the teacher's desk

- Special note home

- Listen to music while working

You might even like to use them as whole class rewards.