How to Decrease Your Teacher Mental-Load

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

There's something called mental load and then there's something called teacher mental load. If they were in the same room together, they'd be on total opposite ends of it. Actually, they'd be on total opposite ends of the house because teaching is one of the most demanding professions there is and it's quite difficult to compare it to other occupations. So, to all you teachers showing up everyday, surviving the hard times and powering on when there's barely any fuel left in the tank, you deserve the biggest gold star there is. And I hope you all give yourselves the credit you deserve. 

Now, how does this mental load thing relate to teaching? Well, on average, teachers make around 1500 decisions everyday. Yes, that's right, I said EVERYDAY. That's a whole bunch of decision-making in an itty bitty space. This revelation shocked me at first. That means you're making approximately 4 decisions a minute on an average school day which is more than a brain surgeon, doctor or paramedic. In fact, the only profession that makes more decisions than a teacher is an air traffic control worker. I hope you're starting to feel like you deserve that gold star.