Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Guys!!! I have dropped a freebie for you all and I think it just may be my favorite one yet.

Let me introduce the “Proud Work Clips Cards”. These cards are designed for students to clip onto their work when they feel that a piece of work is their BEST work. You can then take a photo of it and share it with their parents OR display it on a WOW Work bulletin board.

This process encourages self-reflection as students will be asking themselves:
  • Is this my best work?
  • What is it about this that I’m proud of?
  • How is it different to my other work?

Plus, as an added bonus, they’ll be inspired to work their little tails off to deliver something worthy enough of these clip cards!

Like everything else that you introduce into your classroom, students should be taught how and when to use them. If you miss this step, I’ll bet you a whole packet of flair pens that they’ll just want to clip it onto EVERYTHING! But no, this isn’t what these clip cards are about. These cards are for when students have done SPECTACULAR work that is worthy of being displayed in a museum of spectacularly, terrific work. It’s for when they’ve put in a lot of effort or achieved a learning goal that they’ve been working hard on. Let me give you a scenario, if a student’s goal has been to use paragraphs correctly in their writing AND they finally create a piece of work with correct paragraph structure then THIS is some amazing work that deserves recognition.

To start with, you may need to encourage students to clip a “PROUD Work” clip card onto their work before they feel confident enough to do it themselves (or maybe the opposite way around).

I hope your students enjoy it!! You can grab the freebie below.

If you already have the password to my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY, you can head on over and grab it now. Just use this link or click FREEBIES on the top menu.

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