Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Guys!!! I have dropped a freebie for you all and I think it just may be my favorite one yet.

Let me introduce the “Proud Work Clips Cards”. These cards are designed for students to clip onto their work when they feel that a piece of work is their BEST work. You can then take a photo of it and share it with their parents OR display it on a WOW Work bulletin board.

This process encourages self-reflection as students will be asking themselves:
  • Is this my best work?
  • What is it about this that I’m proud of?
  • How is it different to my other work?

Plus, as an added bonus, they’ll be inspired to work their little tails off to deliver something worthy enough of these clip cards!


Phonics and Alphabet Activities

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hey friends!

I've just finished creating a huge, interactive phonics and alphabet packet for little learners and am super excited to share it with you all. It was originally meant to be just one activity, but I was slightly inspired and it turned into a comprehensive pack filled with all things related to phonics and the alphabet for pre-k and kindergarten students.

I'm a strong believer that phonics and the alphabet should be taught hand in hand from the start. This is super important because letters should not be taught in an isolated way; learners should also be taught the sound that these letters make. Including a fair balance of both early on provides learners with a stronger context and can deepen their recall of the letters of the alphabet. Plus, it can get them reading sooner too!

The Activities

This packet is filled with so many activities to help your students practice and learn single sounds (beginning sounds, middle sounds, ending sounds), letter recognition, letter formation and lower/uppercase letter identification.

1. I Spy Mats

These I-Spy mats will have your students giddy with excitement. Students get their detective on to find all the pictures that match the beginning sound shown on the mat. Students circle the pictures with erasable marker or cover them with small objects such as pompoms, mini erasers, buttons or blocks. There are 26 included in total.