Getting Students to Write Creatively

Thursday, August 15, 2019

How Does Creativity Happen?

I think we can all put our hand up and say that we've heard the phrase "I'm not sure what to write about" often enough. Why does this happen? It happens because creativity cannot be scheduled in like "Okay students, we have a narrative lesson after lunch so you must be creative." Creativity happens when you are inspired. My most creative ideas come to me when I'm taking a walk in nature, laying on an acupuncture table or watching the sunset on my balcony with a warm tea. While it's important to provide students with opportunities to think creatively on their own, giving them prompts can help to improve their creative thinking skills and inspire them to writing thrilling, imaginative (and sometimes hilarious) stories. This is where the Story Builder can become the ultimate teaching tool to inspire young writers and get their creativity flowing.

How It Works

The Story Builder activity includes color-coded cards for the character (who), the event (what) and the setting (where) which are placed on the mat to form a story idea. Some of the combinations are just hilarious and you will love reading the stories students have put together.

There are 36 cards in each category (108 in total) which means that there are over 40,000 story possibilities. Wow! Students are bound to find a story combination to get their creative juices flowing. 

The packet also includes an ink-friendly version of the mat.

Click here or on the image below to check out the resource!

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